Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bourjois Smoky Eye Trio
I have the Bourjois Smoky Eye trio palette in Mordore Chic and love it! The colour shades are so handy and easily take you from day to night. What I thought was really cute- is that on the reverse side of the compact it gives instruction for "classic smoky eye". 

I don't use the creamy highlighter shade coz it's a bit too light for me, but... the other shades are great! They last for about 4-5 hours before I have to do a touch up. They also last longer if I sweep a tiny bit of powder over my lid before applying the eyeshadow. 

I don't really use the applicator that comes with them (I never do with any eyeshadows) because I find them too small and not easy to hold. Instead I apply it with a brush, as it blends better, the colour picks up really well and I only have to go over my eyelid twice. 

It is available in 8 different colour palettes ( I'd love the Gris Dandy palette as well), although I haven't seen the Or Baroque or Vert Trendy sold in Ireland... or maybe I haven't been looking too hard =)) 
  • Gris Dandy ( sparkly grey shades)
  • Or Baroque (gold shades)
  • Mordore Chic (very similar to Nude Ingenue, a bit darker though)
  • Nude Ingenue (very similar to Mordore Chic)
  • Rose Vintage ( fabulous pinky shades)
  • Violet Romantic ( gorgeous purple shades)
  • Bleu Rock  (bluish/ teal shades) 
  • Vert Trendy  ( greeny colours)

At 11.99 euro they are a bit expensive, but they really last. 

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